3 Most Important techniques to stop bleeding in Pets


Pet are prone to trauma and injure very often result to bleeding pet parent should know the technique to stop bleeding (haemorrhage),if bleeding is severe or continuous pet may  lose blood can lead to cause shock.

Hence there are three technique to stop bleeding which  are easy and effective

  1. Direct Pressure Method -Gently press with a pad of clean cloth or gauze over the bleeding

    absorbing the blood and allowing it to clot. If blood soaks through do not remove the cloth or pad ,simply add additional cloth and continue pressure more evenly, in case of emergency one can use bare hand or finger to stop the bleeding it simple the ultimate goal is to stop bleeding.

  2. Elevation Method-In case of severely bleeding wound especially on foot and leg, just elevate the leg so that wound should be above the heart level .It is most effective in large animal, elevation use gravity force to reduce the flow of bleeding.  Elevation of a limb combined with direct pressure is an effective way to stop bleeding.



  1. Pressure Above and Below the Bleeding Wound- Pressure above the wound will help control arterial bleeding. Pressure below the wound will help control bleeding veins

Bonus point-Internal Bleeding is fatal which occur inside the body hence pet owner should observe following symptom-

A.Pet is pale do check the gums and eye lids .

B.Pet is cool on the leg,ears or tail

C.Pet may be very excited or passive

In such case move you’re Pet to Doctor proper examination and investigation in needed.

Friend this  is very important information and it should reach to every pet parent/pet lover, the above techniques are easy, simple and can save life. So please share this blog post to friends and family .

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