Do your Pet have abscess-ACT Now

Abscess-ACT NOW

Having pet is great responsibility, pet are tend to fight result to biting,injury finally wound which lead to abscess

A localised accumulation of pus,painful swelling sometime ruptured as draining wound 

abscess should not be avoided because if it left unattended the chances of infection increase, hence when you observe the wound if it is ruptured clean it with mild soap and water,rise well and pat dry it reduces the changes of infection.

In case of swelling you can apply warm moist compresses for 10-15 min repeat 3-4 time daily

Abscess should be examined by veterinarian with in 24 hours

Why abscess should be treated immediately-most of the time animal lick there wound,saliva have healing properties but if the wound is deep it take time and open wound is invitation to other infection the condition get worst when these infection spread into blood which result to septicaemia which is fatal for any animal.

First line of treatment your vet will clean the wound drain it,tropical application and put you pet on antibiotic
Abscesses are a frequent problem in cats, especially unneutered males who get into
territorial or breeding disputes.
During these disputes, the pet may receive a bite or a scratch. If the wound becomes
infected, an abscess may form within a day or two. Neutering your male cat will reduce his

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