5 Thing You should know about Bloating in Pets


1.So let us understand Bloating in pet ,like human pet also tend to have bloating to simplify the term- it is an accumulation of gas due which stomach get extended and put pressure on diaphragm leading difficulty in breathing .

2.What are the reason for bloating-Feeding excess meal ,eating fast , Eating from raised food bowl,tend to play immediately after eating

3.Sign and symptom –Distended stomach, unsuccessful vomiting, excess saliva foamy, restlessness ,breathing problem, anxiousness, restlessness, and pacing

  1. Treatment-Transport to a veterinary hospital or emergency facility immediately. This condition

requires professional assistance in all cases.

5.Why it so fatal –one of the reason is it stop the blood flow to the heart due to excess pressure from stomach

Conclusion- Bloating is fatal and most of the time pet parent are not aware of these symptom, so always monitor your pet behaviour, regular health check up and good food habit, awareness is important so if you find these article useful and informative please share and comment

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