Man with #Stone Heart #

Meet a man with #stoneheart#, you may get it right a heart out of stone, you may came across batman,spider man, and our own Bollywood angry-man,So how about a man with heart of stone …

A person who poured his love ,emotions,creativity,and true passion for painting on dormant piece of rock is more challenging task and too a small area of 5″x 4″ is difficult,artist search or embed their thought on canvas  but he found  #stone# a true element of nature.  Mr.Subodh Nemlekar from Mumbai a true passion for #stone painting#  a beautiful and specially crafted each piece of stone into live image-Mr. Subodh Nemlekar discover his passion for painting 2 year back even his friends encourage him to do so and love for nature which keep the flames on true artist with #heart of stone#

You can catch him or contact him for any requirement and i ensure you that he will create a master piece of your pets.

Mr.Subodh Nemlekar-7977839407

you can check more stone painting on  his facebook page-