From Pixel To PET Portrait

Selfie are in trends getting picture is just a click away technology changes, every second from picture to pixel  journey of photography is infinite. so what make so difference form picture to digital photo, for me it emotion getting picture in click is easy but it get fade in second on contrary creating picture which keep alive the colour of life so like to share some stunning piece of art pet  portrait  with pencils, colour,oil paints you can  clear see the dedication and determination of the artists which enrich the real soul in every picture perfection, and I bet you if you are true pet lover even you will get mesmerise in to those handmade picture a true passion to appreciate and admire like to share the name a couple from united kingdom name Pet Portrait artist Melaine & Nicholas doing a great work to embed the emotion of these cute  loving creature you can visit their official website to explore for picture a feel the real pixel of your pet kindly find the link below-


Image source-

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