Having pet is great responsibility pet parents are always worried about pet food to pet health, small or large every dog need the same care and affection, observation play vital role dog can’t speak but they can express you through signs and symptoms like dog skin diseases, fatal rabies, diarrhoea, canine parvovirus is danger hence prevention is better than cure regular check to nearby vet or pet-vet clinic we always recommended so like to share 5 most important health check-up for dog

#1. Appearance –The first most important is appearance, your vet will always look for physical appearance want to figure out  behaviour, alertness, responsive, laziness, respond to action it help to judge the vet the mental condition of your dog it all depend upon how experience is your vet

#2.Walking pattern –Examination of your dog walking pattern this to ensure that there is any sign of stiffness in muscles ,lumps formation, muscle spasm, looking for any type of asymmetry.

#3.Skin and hair coat examination- dog are prone to skin infection due to our surrounding chances of getting flea and tick on skin any sort of skin infection or inflammation on skin lead  hair loss

#  4.Body weight-to ensure that dog is not overweight or underweight on scale of 1-9 (BCS) as score of 5 is ideal weight  for your dog below 5 consider thin and above 5 consider as overweight (varies from dog to dog) apart from this body temperature normal range 100-102 degree Fahrenheit, heart rate 60-120 beats per minute, respiratory rate-1-1.5 second

# 5. Abdomen and stool examination: The most important is abdomen check-up any gastric or abnormalities, faecal examination to detect microscopic gastrointestinal parasite such as round worms, hookworms, whipworms tapeworms a positive test indicate gastrointestinal parasite infection

The above procedure varies from sign and symptom every vet has it own examination protocol depending upon the severity of pets

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