5 most important thing keep in mind before having puppy to your home



  5 most important thing keep in mind before having puppy to your home

Getting your first puppy in your life sound great and filled with joy and excitement a  cute little furry friend to arrive at your home to complete your family the love and emotion that we are getting from our pets are priceless we get attached to them but before that please keep these 5 important thing in mind before you make a decision # puppy bring responsibility #

# 1.Your space- space is important where are you going to make place for puppy, where he is going be feel safe and comfortable so be sure where are you going to place the crate or corner there should be good ventilation, it shouldn’t be  isolate puppy needs you during initial stage until he get familiar with family and other people,make your home  pet friendly choose the proper breed age and size  usually small size dog are preferred easy to handle if you are working

#2. Vaccination and deworming -Always check with dog breeder about the vaccination and deworming  period , also get clearance from vet, ensure health certificate  because dog breeder only want to sell the puppy so please check and verified past health history

#3 .Change in your lifestyle-puppy bring responsibility that true new puppy need more attention and care, everything is new so always make connection be patience and clam your new friend will take time to learn slowly you have to train him with proper care and love

# 4. Eating habits-ensure puppy should feed 4 small meal,  always choose the best brand food don’t push the meal   puppy don’t understand there hunger they tend to eat often lead to gastric problem, lethargy, obesity monitor feeding

#5. Socialisation- puppy need to socialise over the period introduce to other dog, new people, so that puppy get familiar with other members

These are the most 5 important thing one should kept in mind so that you can enjoy the company of your puppy if you had any suggestion or any problem related to pets feel free to mail us  onlytails21@gmail.com our expert team ensure that we will help you in all possible manner best of luck for you first pets